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Public Works Deparment

Functions of the Department

              Development & Maintenance work of road, drain, building etc. in both slum and non slum areas.Survey work, Building plan & site plan sanction.Enquiry and solve the dispute of land and building.The Public Works Department provides many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of citizens.

               Our goal is to provide efficient and reliable infrastructure essential to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and to enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors.

             The responsibilities of the Public Works Department include maintenance and repair of the City infrastructure, property and equipment. The Department also provides flood assistance and various programs for our residents.

          The Engineering Division oversees the design, development, and construction of public facilities and capital improvements for Municipal area projects and private development projects within municipal limits. These facilities include roadways, water supply, wastewater treatment plant. In addition, this department is responsible for issuing permits for any work to be performed on town property or within town right-of-way. This department also secures funding for projects, seeks funds from outside agencies (state and federal sources) and prepares all required project documentation and regulatory agency reports.

Public works Departments also provide many services like 

  • Administration and Engineering
  • Building Maintenance
  • Parks
  • Building Plane 
  • Streets Maintenance
  • New Streets Deployment
  • Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning
  • Street Trees and Landscaping
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Water Body Maintenance
  • Maintenance and operation of drainage facilities
  • Sewer collection lines
  • Maintenance and operation of sewer treatment facilities
  • Coordination of environmental activities and building code enforcement
  • Construction inspection and approval, maintenance of public buildings
  • traffic control device maintenance, traffic control engineering
  • Renovation and beatification

Present Staff

                   Sub-assistant Engineer (SAE) looking after building construction, roads and drainage. SAEs are assisted by the following:

work assistants

Technical assistants working






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