Midnapore Municipality


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1.Sri Ramakrishna Mission 

2.Nirmal Hriday Ashram is a school run by Catholic missionaries and has both girls' and boys' section. It runs a primary section in the morning. Locally it is known as the "Church school"

3.Jora Masjid (twin mosques) is probably the most famous in the town and is the site of a famous annual urs.

4.Masjid in Midnapore town

5.Mallik Bari Rasmancha

6.18th century Sitala temple at Barabazar

7.Hanuman-jeu Temple in Mirzabazar.

8.Ras Mancha behind Hanuman-jeu Templer.

9.Brahmo Samaj, Midnapore became a major centre of this society. Rishi Rajnarayan Basu, one of the luminaries in the Brahmo Samaj movement, worked as the head master of the Zilla School. The dilapidated hall of Brahmo Samaj, "Brahmo Samaj Mandir" near Midnapore Collegiate School is a silent reminder of the Brahmo presence of yesteryears.

10.Birth Place of Khudiram Bose

11.St. Jhons Church

12.   Rishi Rajnarayan Basu General Library - The oldest general library in India. Ested 1851

13.Midnapore College was created out of the Midnapur Collegiate School in 187

14.Railway Bridge on Kangsabati River (variously known as Kasai and Cossye). On the opposite bank of the river is the industrial and railway hub Kharagpur.

15.   Vidyasagar Memorial Hall

16.Midnapore District Library

17.Midnapore Jila Parisad

18.Midnapore Collector Office

19.Midnapore Baptist Church.

20.   Sidhu Kanhu

21.Vidyasagar University 

22.Battala Kali Temple.

24.Arabinda Sisu Uddan.

25.Police Line Park.

26.Sidyasari Kali Temple,Habibpur

27.Eco Tourism Park Gopegarh 

          28. Khudiram Park




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