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Water Works 

Functions of the Department

                 Water Supply Department  is primarily entrusted with the responsibility of providing safe drinking water to the municipal citizen. Supplying drinking water and attending grievances of public regarding supply.Maintenance of water supply network like reservoirs, pipe lines,water bodies etc.Provide new pipe lines and maintained  proper water supply.Supply mobilized water tanks in different a municipals areas.

  • Installation & Maintenance of pipe lines and sewer lines.
  • Supply of clean and clear drinking water
  • Operation and Maintenance of underground water line system
  • Operation and maintenance of Jet pumps,bore wells & hand pumps
  • Operation and maintenance of pumping stations and booster pumping stations.
  • Supply Water to Citizens & ensure the quality of water for safe drinking purpose.
  • Supply of water through tankers to the Scarcity 


Procedure For appling  Water connection and sinking of deep tube well are given below

Water Connection

1.      Application with NOC from Councilor along with tax receipt.

2.      TC in Charge for Checking of  Tax Slabs.

3.      Purchasing of application form.

4.      Filled Up Form Submitted to the Water Works department.

5.      Department consult with respective CIC

6.      Then Estimate are made.

7.      Party deposited fees

8.      Connection provided to the applicant

Permission for deep tube well

1.      Application with NOC form Councilor along with tax receipt.

2.      TC in charge for checking.

3.      Departmental inspection

4.      Approval from chairman.

5.      Department consult with respective CIC.

6.      Estimates are made.

7.      Party deposited fees.

8.      Permission provided for sinking.

Present Staff





Pump operator

Valve operator






               Our apple and also requesting all the municipal citizen do not  wastage  water  unnecessary. Save water Save Life.
Please following the instructions.
  • Turn off the tap after using.
  • Do not waste water  unnecessary.
  • Avoid wasting of drinking water.



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