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Future Planning

      1. Slum Infrastructure Development: 

           Slum development providing all the infrastructural requirement of the slum dwellers.Improving the quality of life of the slum dwellers by providing adequate shelter water pipeline network drain, community toilet, road, ,street light, collection of solid waste & community center.Ensuring beneficiaries participation through contribution

      2. Municipal Infrastructure Development:

              The Municipal infrastructure refers to planning for infrastructure projects and services at the ULB level.Provide properly treated water to every individual household as a long term measure. For intermediate phase  augmentation may be done by boring few new deep tube wells and pumping arrangement,Provide proper drainage system along with proper out falls to the regional drainage channels.Prepare a Master Plan for the underground sewerage system along with provision for treatment of Waste Water of the entire Municipal Area.Providing safe and hygienic sanitation facilities and eliminate unsanitary practices such as open defecation,Provide proper maintenance of roads to facilitate easy traffic movement,Convert both Kuccha and brick paved roads to black top roads. Introduce proper traffic management including junction improvement through grade separation or otherwise to avoid traffic congestion at important crossing and provide necessary infrastructure for regular and comprehensive garbage disposal system.

      3. Environment Development

             Environment management is today an integral part of urban planning throughout the world. Planning at the municipal level also demands initiatives from the administration to mitigate the harmful effects of urbanization and take preventive measures for providing a clean healthy environment to the future generations.

      5. Land Use Development

               Initiating appropriate changes in land transaction regulations to take advantage of market forces.Provided adequate regulatory measures with Midnapore Kharagpur Development Authority (MKDA) for controlling unauthorized street encroachment and buildings for commercial purpose.

      6. Local Economic Development:

          To provide infrastructure and basic services including removal of solid waste to all small scale enterprise in the ULB.To identify and rectify deficiencies of present infrastructure facilities to provide a complete infrastructure for all round development of local economy with particular emphasis on the poor communities.To reclaim / develop drainage canal, Water bodies, river bank thereby providing foundation of fresh economic activity.To generate fresh revenue along with employment opportunity by upgrading existing service structures Encourage fresh economic ventures undertaken to make use of available resources.To provide vocational training to economically weaker population, to develop entrepreneurship.To promote new activities / low cost innovations / use of renewable resources for the benefit of society while preserving conventional non-renewable resources.

      7. Healthcare & Infrastructure Development:-

             To improve the health assets and maximize the utilization of health services such as ambulance services, health centers and maternity homes.Ensure that all types of cooked / uncooked food in the Municipality area are sold by licensed food sellers to prevent the spread of diarrhea and other diseases in the area.Establish a new hospital with the facilities of OPD, Pathological tests (blood, urine, stool, sputum) and screening (ECG, EEG, USG etc) under ULB, and improved referral services.Independent working space for all SHPs in each ward which will facilitate the functioning of health workers.Installation of Mobile clinic with a doctor, a nurse and 2 HHWs to visit the slums, which are far away from the health centers and hospitals.Allotment of one vehicle with a dedicated driver to health department for better networking, surveillance / monitoring

      8. Educational Improvement:-   

     Improve the status of infrastructure and basic services in municipal primary schools like sanitation, drinking water, separate sanitary latrine for girls.Construct kitchen shed with dining space for cooked midday meals in primary schools.To create awareness of the community by involving guardians to participate in donating labour and fund raising activities for creating infrastructural facilities for children of primary schools.

      9 . Organization Development:-

            Ensure decentralized urban governance and service delivery through decentralization of power and authority Promote and implement e-governance.Ensure higher participation of the communities in the development process.Bring More transparency, accountability and appropriate span of control at each level in the organization.Utilizing the manpower effectively and deploying the staffs according to their skills.Make appropriate changes in MIS and to develop system.Implement IT support and E Governance is necessary to increase  efficiency of ULB. Using the participatory planning process in policy, management and decision making.

      10. Process and System Improvement:-

               Improve the duration of services and qualities of services as per citizens’ charter. Ensuring improved delivery of essential urban services. Develop Inter- Departmental Coordination to overcome the problem smoothly and Develop proper Management Information system. Improve the system and standard of services rendered by ULB.Making service efficient in terms of internal management and citizen friendliness and introducing decentralized service delivery systems.

      11. Citizen Interface:-

                 Midnapore Municipality is providing services to its citizens up to their entire satisfaction for a long time. Yet the municipality is trying to its best to ensure more efficient and quicker services, improving quality service and developing friendly relation between the citizens and employees.Improving accountability and maximizing citizen comfort by putting in place, a suitable mechanism where all public queries / complaints are acknowledged, registered and responded in a time bound and professional manner.Increase co-operation of the stake holders including citizens, local communities, contractors, employees and elected representatives and make the beneficiaries an integral part of the micro level planning processes

      12. Financial Improvement:-

           Midnapore Municipality taking initiatives for Revenue Enhancement also Municipality have many future plane foe increasing the overall revenue of municipality like increase non-tax revenue with zero level of expenditure, increase the revenue from Property Tax by outsourcing the collection of Property Tax and through other means, make databases for Trade Licenses, Building Plans Sanctioned and interlink with Property Tax databases for better monitoring of Property Tax Assessment, collect charges for every services rendered by MIDNAPORE specially water charges, decrease the expenditure incurred by municipality through introduction of Cost Management, To maintain a Proper Inventory of existing Assets of Municipality and regular upgrading of the same, To properly maintain the assets by outsourcing or involving different stakeholder groups and subsequently livelihood generation through these assets.




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