Midnapore Municipality


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Municipal Vision

   To transform Midnapore into an environmental friendly city by providing assured water supply , good quality infrastructure including safe and hygienic sanitation ,solid waste management developing the land for basic infrastructure and also for beatification maintaining biological diversity.

     Poverty reduction by boost up the marginal society and minority section through delivery of preventive healthcare and formal and informal education.

   Provide civic amenities to its citizens; practice participatory governance, boost up local economic development aiming at sustained city finances and poverty reduction equitable.

Overall Municipal Vision for efficient and effective municipal performance

                 The vision statement of Paschim Medinipore in the 11th five year plan needs to addressed basically the human development, infrastructure development and the development of productive sectors of the district keeping in view its natural resources’, animal resources, state of productive sectors like agriculture, animal husbandry, processing industry etc. beside the status of physical and social infrastructure like transportation, power supply, irrigation, education, health, drinking water supply, sanitation etc. Finally the vision needs to envision the state of employment and income generation and desired standard of living of its people to be achieved through a participatory framework in sustainable environment. Allocation of investment in the XI th plan will thus call for taking into consideration the above goals.



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